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FAQs about Traveling With Us

1.  What is the cost?

The cost will vary based on current airfare and the location of the mission. An estimate for the Philippine mission is $2000 per volunteer. This will cover airfare from LAX and room and board.  We suggest that you also bring a small amount of spending money (no more than $500).


2.  Will I be safe?

To date, all volunteers have returned home safely. We do suggest that you follow your trip leaders, tips for conducting yourself in the host country.


3.  Will I get sick?

The most common illness is traveler's diarrhea. This can be avoided simply by not drinking water unless it is bottle and not eating fresh fruits and vegetables unless they have been peeled. ISM travels with medications to treat traveler's diarrhea. We also suggest that you reach out to your local health department and ask to speak with the international travel nurse. This person will help you understand the risks and provide any required vaccinations.


4.  Can I call home?

Yes you can call home. We suggest that you notify your cell phone carrier and set-up arrangements for temporary international calling capability. There are typically several volunteers who have access to phones with international capabilities.


5.  How do we get around the country?

Arrangements for travel within the country are made in advance of each trip. This can include, small aircraft, bus, jeepney and boat.  


6.  What if I don't like being there?

It is common to experience some culture shock on arrival and some reverse culture shock upon returning. We encourage you to reach out to your trip leader and fellow volunteers. This typically passes in a few days. Remember you will be doing the best work of your life in a beautiful country, with a great team and the most gracious hosts anyone could ask for.  


7.  How do you handle the jet lag?

Stay busy! Get outside in the sunshine. Try to get on the new time schedule as soon as possible.


8.  Where else do you go?

We travel to the Philippines annually. We also try to take a trip to somewhere in South America once a year. We continue to review additional opportunities.

We'd love to talk to you about joining us on a mission

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