While our travels are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still accepting dollar donations and volunteer applications. 
International Surgical Missions seeks medical and non-medical volunteers, including physicians, anesthesia providers, dentists, nurses, surgical scrub technicians, and support help, to participate in our surgical missions. For more information, please go here or email us. To sign up, please visit our volunteer page.
Donations to our organization are tax-deductible and soon you will be receiving a receipt of your donation – keep it for your records.
Upon completion, you may choose to write the purpose of the donation in the comment area.
Suggested Donations:
One surgical procedure – $250
Sponsor one team member – $2000
Sponsor an operating room for one day – $2500
You can donate also by mailing a check made out to:
International Surgical Missions
P.O. Box 479
LaVeta, CO 81055