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Dec 04, 2012 at 12:00 AM


International Surgical Missions at Parkview Medical Center is a secular, non-profit organization of medical professionals based in Southern Colorado. As a group, we organize trips to developing countries to provide surgical care to people who would otherwise be untreated. 

On these trips we send physicians, anesthesia providers, dentists, nurses, surgical scrub technicians, and support help. Not only do these individuals generously volunteer their time and skills, they also donate their share of expenses for the mission. Surgeries done include hernia repairs, thyroid goiters, removal of gallbladders, hysterectomies, cleft lip and palate repairs, and many others.

The miracle of being able to help those less fortunate occurs not only because of the dedication of the volunteers, but also because of the support of many others. These include Parkview Medical Center, and also many individuals who work on collecting donated supplies, working with other NGO’s for donations and putting together our missions.



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